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Click HERE for the application for 2024-2025 school year. 

Please ensure a parent or guardian is the one filling out the application, and only fill out one application per applicant.
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Career-Based Intervention - Beavercreek

Career-Based Intervention - Beavercreek

student at work Career Based Intervention (CBI) is a one-year co-op work/study program for eligible Beavercreek seniors based on academic and/or other qualifying factors identified by the student’s counselor. CBI is designed to assist with on-time graduation while earning income and learning in class 21st century skills, foundation skills, workplace competencies, and transferable employability skills on the job.

CBI Curriculum: is aligned with ODE’s CBI Standards Pathway. Unit Topics include, but not limited to:  Self-Assessment; Exploring Careers; Finding a Job; Joining the Workforce; Professional Development; Life Skills; Lifelong Learning.

In-Depth Topics Explored: Decision Making and Setting Lifestyle Goals; Researching Careers; Entrepreneurship; Developing a Career Plan and Portfolio; Exploring Sources for Job Leads and Applying;  Resumes, Cover Letters; Interviewing; Starting  a New Job:  What to Expect the First Day and from  Employers; Workplace Ethics and Behavior; Attitudes for Success  and Acting Like a Professional; Safety, Wellness, and Legal Matters on the Job; Interpersonal Relationships at Work; Teamwork and Leadership; Professional Communication and Thinking Skills; Technology, Time, and Information Management on the Job; Economics; Managing Money: Budgeting, Banking and Credit, Saving and Investing; Understanding Insurance; Taxes and Social Security;  Managing a Career, Changing Jobs or Careers; Balancing Work and Personal Life: Setting Up a Household; and Work, Family and Community Responsibilities.
For more information and to see if CBIP can meet your goals and needs, contact your BHS counselor or CBI instructors Mary Jo Hines 937-429-7547 ext. 2591 ([email protected]) and Beth Calhoun 937-458-2593 ([email protected]
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